The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast
The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.

Reid joins Tyla Kuhn of Sunsage Sporting Dogs to discuss the health and genetic testing criteria and standards that should accompany a new puppy. Tyla, a longtime breeder of both English Cocker Spaniels and German Shorthair Pointers explores how puppy buyers can best educate themselves, and so doing maintain the integrity and health of the breed. Some great resources and comments included in this discussion.


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In this episode, Reid welcomes Lee Kjos, noted outdoor photographer, brand guru, and creative force behind BOSS Shotshells . Kjos discusses his origin story, his views on woodsmanship, and the necessity of acknowledging that in being a hunter it is vital to be intentional, restrained, and knowledgeable about the limits of both equipment and personal ability. Kjos further shares his views on the hunting landscape and its participants through the lens of an artist, and one who has spent a career composing and capturing moments.

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In this installment of the Podcast, Reid again collaborates with Purina Pro Plan to explore the topic of supplementation and nutritional support for both physical and psychological wellbeing in dogs. Reid is joined by two esteemed experts, Dr. Kurt Venator DVM, PhD Chief Veterinary Officer at Purina and Dr. Joe Wakshlag DVM, PhD, renowned veterinary nutritionist, founding member of the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Chief Medical Officer for Ellevet, the leading CBD company in the pet space. The trio go deep on the ways in which particular supplements can impact performance, cognition, and joint health in dogs, and address a specific question about supplementing to alleviate stress in traveling gundogs

In reflecting on the passing of Leigh H. Perkins, Sr., Reid shares a story he wrote about the legacy of the Perkins family, and the history of Orvis under their ownership. This story, first published in Covey Rise Magazine, Dec/Jan 2017 was the result of several interviews and conversations with three generations of Perkins family members. It describes their genuine love of adventure, dogs, outdoor pursuits, and family, and discusses the legacy of which LHP was justifiably proud.

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In a podcast that is LONG overdue, Reid chats with his close friend and collaborator Brian Grossenbacher. Brian, who is widely regarded as among the finest photographers in the outdoor space, has shot extensively for brands such as Orvis, Simms, Case Knives, Gordy & Sons, and is a regular contributor to Field & Stream, Covey Rise, Gray’s Sporting Journal, and Shooting Sportsman Magazine. Brian discusses his travels, the unique demands of photography in the field, and his non-typical journey into the world of photography. He is also good for a few funny stories about Reid which are worth a listen. More about Grossenbacher and his work at and in the pages of The Orvis Guide to Upland HuntingTraining Bird Dogs with Ronnie Smith Kennels, and in the upcoming Trout with Tom Rosenbauer.

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In this episode, Reid chats with Ronnie Boehme (The Hunting Dog Podcast) and Justin McGrail (Black Creek Dog Training) about the launch of their shared venture, The Upland Institute, which uses a series of short videos to provide a linear, comprehensive dog training program. Coupling Ronnie’s experience around dogs and video and Justin’s unique skill as a communicator and teacher, the program focuses on incremental tools that can make training a gun dog successful, enjoyable, and logical. With signature humor, Ronnie and Justin describe their approach to the project and to dog training, and they discuss the problems that their program set out to solve. Learn more at
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On this episode of the Podcast, Reid chats with Charlie Jordan of the website and social media platform Missing Sucks. Charlie grew up hunting internationally, and has retained a passion for incorporating bird hunting and shooting into his travels to this day. He is a gourmand, oenophile, and one who appreciates old-world style gundogs. He and Reid discuss the ways in which our hunting and interest in game cooking can make the travel experience more immersive.

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In this installment of the podcast, Reid and Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello seek answers to a listener question, namely about available options for new/contemporary entry-level side-by-sides. Greg and Reid dive into specific option from Orvis and elsewhere, discussing guns of current manufacture as well as guns that have come and gone over the past half century. A great resource for the shooter in the market for a first side-by-side gun.

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In this podcast, Reid and Del Whitman of D.C. Whitman Custom Gunsmithing go deep on the firing pins, discussing function, failures, and the related fixes. This podcast fleshes out a collaborative article the duo wrote for an upcoming issue of Shooting Sportsman Magazine, and Del lends his technical know-how to explain the inner workings of firing pins. For those double-gun enthusiasts interested in gaining a better understanding of how these beautiful machines work, this podcast walks through the sequence of hammer fall, impact, and detonation, making matters a bit more clear.

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In this episode, Reid again sits down with Durrell Smith of The Gundog Notebook to discuss the complex role that race has played, and continues to play, in the bird hunting culture of the American Southeast. Recognizing the sensitivity of the subject and a history that has indeed included racial stratification, Reid and Durrell lean into some tough questions. The duo take an honest look at the roles relegated to African American men in southern quail hunting, the value of that heritage, and how to learn from and celebrate beautiful aspects of a nuanced culture while acknowledging elements that are ripe for change. They also discuss the common ground that a love of hunting and dogs can cultivate.

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In the second collaborative effort between Orvis and Purina Pro Plan, Reid chats with Veterinarian RuthAnn Lobos about the myths and misconceptions that surround the pet food industry. RuthAnn is a dog owner, upland hunter, and Lead Veterinarian for Merrick Pet Care. Prior to her role at Merrick she spent 15 years with Purina Pro Plan, working closely with veterinary and scientific thought leaders to promote research into canine and feline nutritional science. Dr. Lobos calls addresses a list of common ideas about pet food, some true and some misguided. She also provides the following resources for additional reading:







Reid and Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello engage in a “State of the Union” conversation, reviewing the trends in the firearms and shooting industries over the past year. Central to the conversation is a look at increased demand and decreased supply that arose as a result of the pandemic, followed by some assessment of what the future holds. Reid and Greg also dig into their thoughts on what the future might hold with regard to firearm and ammunition availability.

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This episode of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast is the first in an ongoing series of shows delivered in collaboration with Purina Pro Plan. Pro Plan is an institution in the sporting dog world, and Purina’s network of veterinarians, researchers, behaviorists, trainers, and handlers is without parallel in that space. In this series Reid will welcome a range of these professionals to discuss topics such as nutrition for sporting dogs, myths and misconceptions regarding dog food, emergency veterinary medicine for field application, sports injuries, and more. In this inaugural episode, Reid is joined by Keith Schopp, retired VP of Corporate Public Relations for Purina, and Karl Gunzer, former pro trainer and Purina’s Director of the Sporting Dog Group. The trio pulls back the curtain a bit, discussing the Purina origin story, how Pro Plan evolved to focus on sporting dogs specifically, and the standards to which the brand holds itself accountable. The first in the series, this conversation should provide a backdrop for what is to come. Learn more at

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Reid explores a question posed by listener Steve Harris about non-toxic alternatives for vintage guns. Reid is joined by Phil Bourjailly, who sheds some light on the evolution of non-toxic ammunition options for upland and waterfowl, and why certain shot types are ill-advised for use in older guns. Phil is a font of knowledge, and he draws from personal experience with a broad spectrum of ammunition and shot types to arrive at some clear solutions for shooters like Steve who wish to safely shoot their classic guns.

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Reid sits down with Karen Syron and Nance Ceccarelli to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges encountered by women in the hunting space. Karen serves as Marketing Manager and Nance serves as a wingshooting guide at Idaho’s Flying B Ranch. Both Nance and Karen describe their pathway into hunting and the role it plays in their lives. They also discuss the way in which great mentorship can help bring more women into the shooting sports, and the wonderful community that can be cultivated by women in the field. Enjoy!

In this episode of the Podcast, Reid is joined by his friend Mike Neiduski, Director of Regional Development – Southeast for the Ruffed Grouse Society / American Woodcock Society. Mike and Reid share much in common: New England childhoods, previous work in education, and a love of grouse and woodcock. They discuss the aims of RGS under recent leadership changes, the necessity of a dynamic forest ecosystem, and the way in which diversity, both from a human and an ecologic standpoint, is vital to our collective future in the uplands. Enjoy!


In this episode of the podcast, Reid is joined by Ryan O’Shaughnessy of West Texas Quail Outfitters. A regular on the podcast, Ryan brings a strong science background to his guiding and hunting. Ryan and Reid explore some sensitive questions, most notably how hunting pressure can impact limited populations of Mearns quail during challenging weather events, the pros and cons of hunting pressure on public lands, and how social media can impact the decisions we make in the field. It’s a conversation that is sure to elicit some opinions. Enjoy!

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With an eye on Turkey season, Reid joins Phil Bourjailly, Shooting Editor for Field & Stream Magazine and Ducks Unlimited. Phil, an Iowa native, shares his thoughts on hunting spring gobblers. He discusses preferred guns and chokes, sight options, decoys, and calls. He even delves into the ammunition options currently on the market, and the advances in shot composition that have drastically enhanced the efficacy of modern turkey loads. Enjoy!

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In this final installment of the Hunt, Hike, Hook series, Reid is joined again by Michael Vargas and Chuck Coolidge. With the Arizona quail season officially wrapped, the trio discusses Mike and Chuck’s last few forays down to southern Arizona to chase the trifecta of Mearns, Scaled, and Gambel’s quail. Discussion wanders from the differing characteristics between the species, their descriptive habits and habitats, and the reason that Mearns have become the “it” upland bird species of the day. Enjoy!

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In this episode, Reid delves into his personal history buying and selling guns, and the reasons why some guns stick with us, and others don't. He shares an old article on the subject that describes the process of acquisition, and then the process of letting go. He further discusses how tastes in guns can change over time as our shooting ability, and identity, evolves. Enjoy!

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Reid is joined by friend and fellow bird hunter Pat Berry to discuss late season grouse habitat. Pat is the former Commissioner of Fish & Wildlife for the state of Vermont. He is an avid grouse and woodcock hunter, and an active trainer and handler of flushing spaniels. Pat is also incredibly well-versed in the seasonal changes that face New England grouse, and therefore face New England Grouse Hunters. He and Reid discuss the best tactics for finding grouse throughout the season as the available food and cover types change.

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Reid and podcast regular, Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello, sit down to address a couple of questions posed by listeners. Specifically, the duo address, or perhaps defend, the cost of a decent double gun. With the hope of shedding some light on why and how to get what you pay for, Greg and Reid explore new vs. used, country of origin, and why at times a lower purchase price can result in a headache rather than a bargain. Enjoy!

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Reid sits down with Del Whitman of DC Whitman Custom Gunsmithing. Among the finest gunsmiths at the bench today, Del has a particular interest in fine double guns, and the craft and artistry that defines them. Del and Reid discuss guns, mentorship, craft, and the responsibility of understanding what makes a gun exceptional.

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In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid spans two continents to talk guns with Tobi Nisse of Germany and Dr. George Inge of Mobile, AL. Tobi and George are the principals behind T&G Imports and Save the Fine Guns which represents an effort to import guns from Germany that would otherwise be destroyed. Tobi and George, both of whom are passionate about the artistry and engineering represented by older continental guns (largely drillings), noticed some time ago that changing tastes in hunting guns as well as stringent legislation around gun ownership in Europe was bringing an excess of fine old guns to the market. These guns, were they not licensed to an individual or dealer, were destined for the scrap pile. The duo discusses the unique business model that has enabled them to save these guns and transfer them into the hands of hunters and shooters in North America. Enjoy!


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Reid once again sits down for a conversation with Chuck Coolidge and Michael Vargas of Hunt, Hike, Hook. The fellows have been getting after it: Michael has been chasing pheasants and bobwhites in his native Kansas, and Chuck has been in south Georgia for bobs and Louisiana for ducks. Beyond simply sharing their tales of adventure, the group talks about the diverse habitats in which bobwhite quail thrive, and the differences between bobs and the desert-dwelling cousins. Enjoy!

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Reid joins up with Michael Vargas and Chuck Coolidge of Hunt, Hike, Hook once again to get a tale of life on the road. Chuck and Michael describe a recent trip to hunt a variety of birds in Eastern Washington state, arguably one of the finest and most diverse upland regions in the lower 48. Enjoy this second installment from the duo, who promise to keep us on the road this bird season, even if remotely.

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At the Intersection of Bird Hunting and Technology, with Rehan Nana of Garmin

On this episode of the podcast Reid welcomes friend Rehan Nana who serves as Senior Media and Sponsorship Specialist. Rehan is a well-known member of the upland hunting industry, and a student of guns, great dogs, and the finer points of chasing wild birds through the Midwest. He and Reid, explore his story and wander into a discussion about the interface of technology and bird hunting. With Garmin’s leadership in creating GPS collars for bird dogs, the safety and efficacy of following dogs in big or thick cover has changed dramatically. The two discuss the benefits, and costs, of such advancements. Enjoy!

Reid chats with Courtney Bastian, host of The Bird Dog Babe Podcast. Courtney describes herself as a "Wife to Professional Gun Dog Trainer, William Bastian of Claddagh Kennel, Mom to two amazing kiddos, and a God-fearing, birddog-loving, sick-for-it wingshooter!" With a podcast, website, and instagram presence, Courtney is a driving force in welcoming more women into upland hunting. She and Reid discuss wirehairs, Bracco Italianos, life as a wingshooting mom in Montana, and most importantly the delicate process of giving hunting to your children.

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Reid spends some time during this episode addressing listener questions. He talks a bit about storytelling and the prospect of a creative essay collection, how to address the issue of ear protection in the grouse woods, and the feasibility of hunting without a dog. All of this and more on this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast!

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Reid joins Chuck Coolidge and Michael Vargas of Hunt, Hike, Hook in an evening session following a day in which Chuck and Michael covered some ground in search of Arizona Blue Grouse. Michael and Chuck use the Hunt, Hike, Hook Instagram platform to document their wanderings throughout the mountain west and southwest in search of upland birds and trout. In this podcast, Chuck and Michael discuss the prodigious bird resource available in Arizona, the opportunities for public land bird hunting throughout the west, and the breadth and depth of the upland experience. Throughout the season we will check in with Michael and Chuck as they explore the uplands and wetlands on a series of adventures. Enjoy!

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Outfitter Tim Linehan joins Reid from the remote Yaak Valley of northwest Montana to discuss wild places and wild birds. Tim and Joanne Linehan have been operating a hunting and fishing business for nearly 30 years in one of the most remote communities in the Lower 48. The Yaak is home to huntable populations of Ruffed, Spruce, and Blue (Dusky) grouse, all of which occur in a vast and untrammeled wilderness. Tim and Reid discuss hunting and living in a remote place, and the cover types that the three species frequent. Enjoy!

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Reid welcomes Kali Parmley, Editor in Chief of both Gundog Magazine and Backcountry Hunter Magazine. Kali is known to many as an accomplished editor, photographer, and media personality in the hunting space. In a relatively short career she has become an authority on backcountry hunting for both big game and birds. A late-onset hunter, Kali is passionate about sharing her knowledge with aspiring hunters while making the uplands more accessible. She and Reid discuss backpack hunting, her trajectory in the outdoor industry, and her fascination with gundogs. Enjoy!

Reid chats with fellow Vermonter, gun enthusiast, and shooting instructor Lars Jacob of After a lifetime in the guns and wingshooting world, Lars has amassed an unrivaled knowledge of fine shotguns. He and Reid discuss lesser known Belgian, French, Prussian, and Scottish makers, odd-ball gauges and loads, and what makes a great gun. A fine conversation with a noted authority. Enjoy!"

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Reid discusses, grouse hunting, bird dogs, and the writing life with Matt Soberg, Editor of Covey Rise Magazine. Matt abandoned a career as a small-town attorney nearly a decade ago and dedicated himself to the stories that celebrate hunting, fishing, and all that support the outdoor experience. This podcast explores his journey and his thoughts on print media in the outdoor space.

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Having recently noticed some rust on a beloved shotgun, Reid revisits best practices on keeping your shotguns clean and in tip-top condition. Building on previous podcasts on the subject, Reid delineates his method for cleaning a gun after use, and similarly shares tips on general care and long-term storage. A must for any gun owner. Enjoy!"

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Reid and Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello get back to their series of iconic guns, this time delving into the Remington 1100. Most wing shooters have an 1100 somewhere in their pasts, and For good reason: The 1100 is a soft-shooting, lively little autoloader that has made itself beloved by many. Listen and enjoy as Reid and Greg discuss the virtues, and occasional quirks, of this iconic gun.

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In a somewhat unique podcast Reid spends some time with his friend Gordie White of Expedition Adventures. Gordie, a native of Quebec, has spent an entire career guiding, outfitting, and hosting hunting and fishing trips around the world. Though he may be best known for his experiences with big game, Gordie is a passionate bird hunter with roots in the grouse woods of eastern Canada. Gordie and Reid discuss hunting, travel, the sense of adventure that a hunting expedition can conjure up, and the reality of a career spent traversing the globe in pursuit of new landscapes and new species. A great discussion with a great guy. Enjoy!

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Reid checks in as the summer winds down, and considers what the fall might bring. He shares a story, “Wayward in Hayward”, that describes the pull of the upper Midwest during grouse season, and the time he spent hunting Wisconsin with his friend Mark Nissen. A short but much-needed touch base on the eve of bird season. Enjoy!

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Reid gets the chance to spend some time with Paula Moore, Chief Shooting Instructor at Orvis Sandanona. Paula is relatively new to the Orvis family, but her reputation precedes her: she has more than twenty-five years’ experience instructing and coaching clays shooters and competing on a national stage. Paula’s accolades speak for themselves: she was a nine-time NSCA All-American, a five-time member of NSCA Team USA, three-time World Side-By-Side Champion, six-time New York State Sporting Clays Champion, and three-time Zone 1 Champion. The two discuss Paula’s journey, her new role, and the realities of a career as an international shooting competitor.

In a long and winding conversation, Reid catches up with Durrell Smith of The Gundog Notebook Podcast. The two cover a range of topics including Durrell’s work digging into field trial history in the South, opportunities for greater inclusivity in the hunting space, and the work Durrell has done to explore the experience of being both a person of color and a passionate upland hunter. Reid and Durrell also explore Durrell’s recent inception of the non-profit Minority Outdoor Alliance. Enjoy!

Reid joins LD McCaa, Manager of Westley Richards Agency, U.S.A. in a conversation about fine guns, British doubles, and the remarkable innovations that have made Westley Richards one of history’s most beloved gunmakers. Having spent a lifetime in the fine firearms business, LD speaks to the finer points of Westley guns and rifles, and the history of the company’s storied success. Reid and LD discuss iconic designs like the droplock and the gold name, and they even dig into the longstanding misperceptions about quality difference between London and Birmingham gunmakers. LD is a font of knowledge and experience, and a great guy to spend an hour with. Enjoy!

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Reid goes transatlantic to spend some time with Vincent Chapuis and Pierre Laurent Faure of Chapuis-Armes. Known to many Americans for their robust yet graceful double rifles, Chapuis has a long tradition in the manufacture for fine double shotguns. Orvis began a partnership with Chapuis several years ago to build a proprietary SXS shotgun offering, and the resulting shotguns are truly unique. Vincent Chapuis discusses his family’s 100 year history in gunmaking, and he is joined by Pierre Laurent Faure, who heads up international sales. A great chance to get to know the Chapuis brand a bit better.

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In this episode Reid spends some time with Field & Stream Shotguns Editor Phil Bourjaily. In a career that spans several decades, Bourjaily is one of the most revered contemporary experts on guns and shooting, and his body of work writing on the subject is remarkable. As he will attest, though, he is foremost a hunter. Phil and Reid discuss writing, print media, hunting in Phil’s home state of Iowa, and a somewhat serendipitous entry into the world of gun writing.

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Reid spends some time catching up with his friend Aaron Schroder of Double A Gundogs in Lyons, Nebraska. The two explore the challenges of starting a training and outfitting business, the long and winding path that got Aaron back to his boyhood home in the rural Midwest, and why one should never order the conch chowder in Omaha. An interesting and honest take on pursuing one’s dream. Enjoy!

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Reid and Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello add yet another installment to the series on iconic shotguns, this time exploring the Browning Citori. The much-loved Citori was conceived as a lower-priced, Japanese-made alternative to its Belgian cousin the Superposed, but over time found widespread favor among hunters and target shooters alike. It remains one of the most beloved double guns of all time, and one that finds itself in regular use in the field and on the course. Enjoy the story of this classic double gun.

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Reid takes the opportunity to share another story, this one originally published in Gray's Sporting Journal. The story is a bit of a tribute and a bit of a reflection on people and place, and a now-gone relative with a devilish way about her. Hopefully it will provide you all with a nice escape during these uncertain and strange times. Enjoy!

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Back in the saddle, Reid and Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello again talk iconic guns, this time the Browning Auto 5. Perhaps the most beloved semi-automatic shotgun of all time, the old Browning Humpback is a miracle of engineering, and romantic as heck. Few who have spent any time in the uplands, wetlands, or even in the deer woods are unfamiliar with the utility and incredible durability of the A5. For those with a soft spot for classic American shotguns this is a must-listen.

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In keeping with the conversations about iconic guns, Reid and Orvis Gunroom Manager, Greg Carpiniello dive into 'the perfect repeater', the Winchester Model 12.  This classic slide-action shotgun is perhaps the most coveted of its ilk, an one that commands a high price. It is also a lively and serviceable sporting gun with sleek lines and design features that were cutting edge for their time. Reid and Greg discuss the Model 12, several other noteworthy pump guns, and the misconception that here at Orvis we turn up our noses at repeaters. Enjoy! 

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While relegated to his home office, Reid touches base with celebrity bird hunter, author, and television host Scott Linden. Linden, who is based in Bend, Oregon, is known to many for his long run on Wingshooting USA. He is also the personality behind Scott Linden Outdoors and Upland Nation, and on those platforms he houses a volume of information about birds, dogs, guns, and hunting travel. Reid and Scott discuss Wingshooting television, Scott’s travels, and the arc of a career in the outdoors.

In this episode of the Podcast, Reid is joined by John Carpenter, Upland Manager and Fly-fishing Manager at Orvis Sandanona. John is a beloved member of the Orvis shooting community, and one in a series of folks who we hope to get to know better through the podcast. He is a native New Englander who began a career at Orvis nearly 7 years ago as a trapper, but now oversees all of the hunting endeavors at Orvis. He is an avid dog trainer and handler, and a genuinely kind and engaged member of the team. He and Reid discuss Sandanona, the work of John’s year, Labrador Retrievers, kids, and how to approach gundog training in the confines of the home environment. Enjoy!

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In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, Reid is working from home, and doing regular short podcasts to stay connected. In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid shares some feedback from Doug Manzer, PhD., who responds to the Steve Grossman episode about the differences between Sharp-tailed Grouse and Prairie Chicken habitat. Reid goes on to reflect about these odd times, working from home, a favorite Robert Ruark story, and the plan for the coming weeks. Enjoy this short episode, and stay tuned for more.

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Reid and Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello take a moment away from the turmoil to reflect on some lighter subjects. Specifically, the two dig deep into the history of the iconic Winchester Model 21. A true American Classic, the 21 is among the most c

In this installment of the podcast, Reid explores some dog training tips and misconceptions with Ronnie Smith and Susanna Love of Ronnie Smith Kennels in Pawhuska, OK. In response to listener questions, Ronnie and Susanna explore the definition of a ‘correction, while also dispelling some common myths and misconceptions about dog training. Reid, Ronnie, and Susanna also reference some of the insights discussed in their recent book Training Bird Dogs with Ronnie Smith Kennels which was published by Rizzoli last year. Enjoy!

Reid and Syren Brand Manager Lynne Green discuss Syren Shotguns, Clays Sports, and brand ambassadors in the 'influencer' age. Lynne is a hunter, instructor, and competitive shooter with a special passion for bringing women into the shooting sports. As Syr

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In response to a question about prairie grouse habitat from listener Eric Hall of Thurmond , NC, Reid reaches out to Steve “Grouseman” Grossman, owner of Double Gun Bird Hunts, Little Moran Grouse Camp, and Wild Prairie Lodge. Steve has spent a career as a wild bird guide and dog handler, and he has a particular affinity for the native birds of the upper Midwest. His work guiding and hunting the prairies of central South Dakota inform a comprehensive working knowledge of Sharptail habits and habitat, and some insights into those of the Greater Prairie Chicken. Steve shares his story, some thoughts on finding birds, and illuminates a bit of the magic to be found on the prairie. See the short film “Grouseman” that features Steve at

In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid describes his recent hunting experiences and takes a moment to reflect on the season that has past. He also provides some new ways to connect with the Podcast, namely by sending questions

In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid describes his recent hunting experiences and takes a moment to reflect on the season that has past. He also provides some new ways to connect with the Podcast, namely by sending questions or comments via audio file (voice memo on a smartphone) to The plan is to share listener questions on the air in future installments. Reid goes on to read one of his stories, namely ‘Go West, Young Man…” which was first published in Shooting Sportsman Magazine in January/February 2013. The story harkens back to a time when Reid was considering a move to the mountain West, and what it might feel like to say goodbye to New England. Enjoy!

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In this episode of the podcast, Reid heads south to Orvis Sandanona alongside colleague Scott McEnaney (Director, Orvis Adventures) to meet up with Ben Jones, President and CEO of the Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society. The three take an

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In this final installment of the Libby Camps saga, Reid speaks with Matt Libby Jr. who represents the 5th generation of Libby Camps ownership. On a bumpy ride between grouse coverts the two discuss the history of Libby Camps, the story of Matt·s family l

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In this second installment of Reid and Phil’s Libby Camps Odyssey, the duo sit sown one evening with Registered Maine Guides Jeff Labree and Ben Rioux. As the woodstove crackles in the background, Ben and Jeff describe the Libby Camps experience, noting the unique region where visitors have hunted and fished for generations. Jeff and Ben paint a lyrical history of the camp facility as well, and even discuss some of the folktales and superstitions that abound in the North Woods. Enjoy.

In the first episode of the Libby Camps Saga, Reid and Phil Monahan head out from Southern Vermont en route to Libby Camps in Northern Maine. While on the road, Reid interviews Phil on his start in the hunting world and his early career. It makes for a great start to the Libby Camps and makes for a fun and insightful interview in the lead up to their arrival in Maine. Enjoy!

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On the eve of the South Dakota Pheasant Opener, Reid sits down in an office adjacent Mitchell’s storied Corn Palace with three staffers from Pheasants Forever. In attendance are Matt Morlock (SD State Coordinator for Pheasants Forever) Chris Kalis (Director of Corporate Partnerships) and Erica Yost (South Dakota Regional Representative). The group digs into the remarkable pheasant hunting culture in South Dakota, the role PF plays in upland conservation throughout the country, and how a hunter can go about planning a DIY trip to hunt in America’s heartland. Enjoy!

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On the eve of South Dakota’s Pheasant Opener, Reid sits down with Governor Kristi Noem to discuss the role of pheasant hunting in her home state. Governor Noem expounds upon her life story as it pertains to hunting, and she goes on to recount a few family hunting traditions that she and her family share each fall. With the Mitchell, SD Pheasants Forever Banquet taking place at the Corn Palace next door, Reid and Governor Noem take a moment to appreciate a special time in a special part of the country.

Professional Wingshooting Guide BJ Walle joins Reid in a philosophical look at what it means to be a guide. BJ, who has been a key member of the guide staff at Idaho's Flying B Ranch for nearly twenty years, shares insights on what it takes to be a professional guide, and what separates a great guide from a passable one. He is eloquent in describing the softer skills of emotional intelligence and empathy required by great guides, and he digs into the depth of skills that his job demands. The genesis of this conversation is Flying B's recent development of a Wingshooting Guide School, which is detailed at A great conversation with an incredibly thoughtful fellow.

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With bird season in full swing, Reid meditates on his travels to date, his decidedly poor shooting, and the impending arrival of duck season. With that he reflects on duck hunts past, and shares a tale of one such day in northern Vermont. This story of that day was captured in the essay 'On the Black River', which was published in Shooting Sportsman Magazine in 2011. It is a tale of friendship, getting sick, and the imperfection of perfection. Enjoy!

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Reid is joined by veteran Gunsmith, Gunfitter, and Shooting Instructor John Skinner for a chat about Shooting Dynamics and the Fundamentals of Gunfitting. Skinner brings more than 40 years of experience to the discussion and highlights the aspects of shooting and fitting that challenge his students most often. The two break down the fitting process into a series of steps that enable a shooter to hit where he or she is looking, and the shooting process into seeing the target and the shot string as dynamic objects in 3 dimensions.

In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid returns from his first hunting trip of the year, and reflects on how the bird season somehow snuck up on him. With an eye towards a season sprinkled with hunting travel, Reid explores the

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Trent Leichleiter of Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club and Kennel joins Reid to discuss a range of topics including a childhood in the midwest, the value of hard work in realizing goals, and the virtues of giving back. Trent manages Pheasant Bonanza and has guided extensively as well as competed with his dogs. He also recently started a non-profit called KAMO which works to find homes for retired or unwanted sporting dogs, while also providing mentoring relationships for new hunters. Enjoy!

In his latest podcast, Reid digs deep into shot-shell development with two key members of the Winchester Ammunition Team-- Mike Stock, Director of Commercial Sales and Product Management, and Ben Frank, Product Manager.They discuss all facets of shotgun shells, including performance, construction, and the different materials that impact both. It's a great chance to "nerd out" on the nuances of shotgun ammunition with two industry pros. Enjoy!

Reid joins Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello and Gunsmith Jordan Smith in a conversation about the history of Orvis branded shotguns. Jordan, who recently celebrated his 40th year at the Orvis bench, looks back over the various makers who have provided guns to Orvis, and the reasoning behind the various partnerships that have been cultivated. Plenty of perspective on the quality of Spanish guns, the shifting trends of over/under vs. side-by-side, and the current state of Orvis shotguns. Enjoy!

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Reid and Nick Larson, host of the Project Upland Podcast, discuss the changing face of hunting media, guns, birds, and summer in the North. Nick, a Duluth MN native and avid grouse and woodcock hunter, serves as the brand communications director at Northwoods Collective, a media and marketing company in the outdoor space. The podcast wanders into questions about upland hunting in social media, contemporary print, and the opportunity to straddle the old and the new. Nick is a great guest, and a skilled podcaster himself. 

Check out Nick's podcast at

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After a bit of a break, Reid returns to the Podcast to spend some time with Hannah Perkins, the most recent member of the Perkins family to join the Orvis Company. Hannah grew up in a rich hunting and fishing heritage, alongside cousins Simon and Charley. She tells stories of her childhood, learning to shoot, the challenging reality of killing animals we love, and eating hearts and livers! Enjoy!

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Reid is joined by Wes Butler, a friend and Warden for the Vermont Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Wes, an avid bird hunter and outdoorsman, discusses his pathway into a career as a Game Warden. The two also discuss finer points of fish and game laws, access, and how to build a relationship with your local fish and wildlife officer.

On this episode of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast Reid talks hunting, ethics, food, and connection with noted game cook and author Hank Shaw. Hank, whose web presence at “Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook” ( is a magnificent resource for any and all who are interested in a deeper connection to their food. In the course of this podcast, Hank describes his personal and culinary adventure into the world of wild food, and the deeper relationships that said journey has facilitated. He also offers a few choice tips on game cooking, game prep, and what the well-stocked hunter’s kitchen might require. Enjoy!

Reid reflects on the changing face of upland hunting, lost friends, getting older, and opportunities to connect more immediately with listeners. Another solo podcast, this one culminates in the reading of an essay titled 'Something Old, Something New' which can be read at

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In this episode, Reid and his friend Doug Duren of Cazenovia, WI take some time to discuss land use, management, conservation, and access. Known to many for his additions to Steve Rinella's Meateater show and the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Doug is at root a passionate land steward. He brings to the conversation a unique perspective on land, highlighted by his innovative Conservation Cooperators Network initiative which fosters access on private land in exchange for land management work. Doug is a wonderful storyteller, seasoned hunter, and something of a philosopher. Some great lessons are leaned into, and some great ideas bounced around. Enjoy!

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Recorded on-site at Orvis Sandanona, Reid discusses the finer points of shooting technique with James Ross, Chief Shooting Instructor for The Orvis Company. James lays out the five key elements that result in effective wingshooting, shedding additional light on the fact that fundamental skills and practice are key. James also discusses his personal story and current role, describing how he became one of the finest shooting instructors in the US.

Reid speaks with his friend Bob St. Pierre, VP of Marketing and Communications for Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever. Bob articulates the work and goals of these two impactful groups while also recounting his pathway into a career in conservation. The two discuss land and dogs and the recent Pheasant Fest; a great chat with a great guest. Enjoy!

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On a March afternoon, Reid shares an hour with writer, hunter, upland historian, and Ruffed Grouse devotee Andy Wayment. Andy and Reid discuss Andy's recent book, Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting, which chronicles Andy's love affair with grouse, dogs, and days afield. The two discuss the book as well as Andy's work with brother Shawn Wayment on the Uplandways blog, but conversation wanders deep into the world of outdoor literature. Andy and Reid go deep into their shared passion for the great and timeless stories penned by such authors as Gorham Cross, Corey Ford, Bill and Tap Tapply, and Burton Spiller. A great listen!

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On this podcast Reid visits with Ryan O’Shaughnessy of West Texas Quail Outfitters. Building on an earlier podcast, the two discuss Ryan’s unique story, which began with a childhood in rural Botswana and grew into a career as a wildlife biology professor in west Texas. The two discuss how Ryan’s upbringing informed his love of land and species, and similarly how a love of wildlife can exist in concert with an identity as a hunter and guide.

Pheasant Fest is the annual consumer show and fundraiser/banquet that benefits Pheasants Forever, a leader in conservation of Upland habitat and species. While there I was able to sit down with the mother/daughter duo of Liz and Hayden Lewis of Bozeman, MT. Hayden at 13 is hoping to join The National Youth Leadership Council with PF, and she is an avid young female hunter and shooter. Liz is formerly a competition shooter, fishing guide, lifelong hunter, and in recent years has become recognized as one of the country’s best wildlife sculptors. Her bronze’s are prized and displayed in homes and galleries around the world. Liz, Hayden and I discuss being a youth hunter, Hayden’s involvement in conservation, and Liz’s ascent in her field.

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In another on-site podcast, Reid spends an evening with friend and former Endorsed Guide of the Year, Mark Nissen of Classic Bird Hunts. Recorded on a hunt for desert quail in southern New Mexico, this podcast is more a conversation between friends, discussing quail hunting, Brittany’s, and Mark’s unique career. Enjoy

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Reid explores his thoughts on the ideal gun for a given application. With identity as a focus throughout, he considers how the gun used in a given environment must make sense both functionally, but also tonally. This podcast also wanders into a bit of a wish list, or something along the lines of “if money were no object…” Enjoy!

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In another solo podcast, Reid shares 5 tips on how to make corrections when shooting success starts to go south. In essence, these tips offer a way to troubleshoot when consistent missing starts to occur. Included are issues of mechanics, but also the more pertinent issues of mindset, and how to combat them. Enjoy!"

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In another read-aloud session, Reid shares and reflects on the story Maggie's October, first published in Shooting Sportsman Magazine. The winter season is a reflective time, with many thoughts drifting back to people, places, and moments. This is a story fondly remembered, and happily shared.

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Reid discusses shotguns and physics with Andrew Wertenberger, Senior Gunsmith for Caesar Guerini USA, Fabarm USA, and Syren. The two go deep into the functioning of auto-loaders, the physics of choke, the nuances of cartridges, and general explanations of the forces at work in a shotgun. Enjoy!

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Charley Perkins of The Orvis Company joins Reid to discuss all things duck hunting. Charley is an avid and lifelong waterfowler and a tremendous game shot, and the two discuss shooting both near home and further afield, and hit on some basics of guns, dogs, calls, and decoys.

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Master engraver, gunmaker, and unrivaled craftsman Damien Connolly joins Reid for a discussion about much more than engraving. Connolly, who moved to southern Vermont from his native Australia to work alongside renowned engraver Winston Churchill, discusses his quest for excellence and his fascination with craft. Few gunsmiths have the breadth of skill that Connolly brings to the game, and few are as driven to achieve a high degree of proficiency regardless of the cost, or the reward. An incredible conversation takes shape.

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On an early November evening, Reid returns from Orvis Sandanona with Gun Room Manager Greg Carpiniello. Recorded on a mobile unit that captures the sound of rain on the windshield, the two discuss the Orvis assortment of shotguns, and how it was arrived at. Gun talk, Orvis talk, and a peak behind the scenes of Orvis gun sales; enjoy.

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In this episode Reid has the privilege of sharing an hour with acclaimed writer, rancher, hunter, angler, and conservationist Thomas McGuane. McGuane, whose career as a novelist and short story writer spans nearly 50 years, describes his thoughts on hunting, dogs, place, guns, and friends. For listeners who know and love McGuane's work, this podcast is a must.

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In this episode, Reid reads from another previously published one of his works. In a nostalgic moment Reid describes his early hunting and mentors in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and goes on to read a reflective story of people and place. Enjoy!

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Recorded live in Cabri Saskatchewan, Reid spends an evening at Bird Camp speaking with Dave Brown of Dave Brown Outfitters. The two discuss the day they spent afield for Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail Grouse, and Dave describes the nuances and history of hunting the region. A bit on guns, a bit on birds, and the sound of a few restless bird dogs underfoot. Enjoy!

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Reid spends an hour with Jordan Smith (Orvis Gunsmith) and Greg Carpiniello (Orvis Gunroom Manager) discussing nuances of guns and shooting. The trio explore shot size, chokes, dangers of steel shot in old guns, shotgun finishes, and recoil. The podcast is rife with opinions, some of which are even well-informed. Enjoy!

In what may become a periodic new format for the podcast, Reid shares a written story of an early duck hunt, and a traditional reunion with an old friend. These periodic spoken word/storytelling podcasts may become a regular installment, so don't hesitate to weigh in with your opinions.

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Ronnie Smith and Susanna Love join Reid for a conversation about canine psychology, mindset, and some of the lessons they use to enhance both. Ronnie and Susanna are owners of Ronnie Smith Kennels, and they have collectively trained thousands of dogs in the methodology that began with Ronnie's late father and Uncle Delmar Smith. Ronnie and Susanna have taken dog training to a remarkable new space, looking for ways to leverage a positive canine mindset for maximum result in the training environment and in the field.

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On the eve of Reid's first hunting junket of the season Reid spends a bit of time with Matty Rawlinson of Owens Valley Wingshooting. The two discuss Matty's early days afield in the UK, the differences between UK and US shooting styles and perceptions, and even the nuances of load efficiency. Not to be missed is the segment on Snipe, a species for which Matty has a soft spot. Enjoy!

With upland bird season already underway through much of North America, Reid chats with Durrell Smith of the Gundog Notebook, discussing all facets of hunting, shooting, guns, dogs, and the upland aesthetic. Durrell Smith is an artist, art teacher, and avid gundog owner who has immersed himself in his passion for all things hunting related. Reid and Durrell wander in and out of their shared stories of a late introduction to the sporting life, finding ample common ground and shared interests. Enjoy!

Reid welcomes his colleague Julia Zema to the podcast to discuss the common questions facing new hunters as they attempt to enter the world of upland bird hunting. Julia and Reid discuss, firearm education, hunter safety, etiquette, access, and dogs, and so doing hope to answer common questions and break down some barriers of entry. Enjoy!

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Ron Boehme, host of the Hunting Dog Podcast, joins Reid for a conversation that runs the gamut. Ron and Reid discuss podcasting, their shared respect for Steven Rinella's work on Meateater, the prospect of bringing a spaniel pup home, and the joys of fine double guns. Ron's enthusiasm and humor are infectious, and the two spend an easy hour wandering around the topics they both enjoy.

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In this episode of the podcast Reid speaks with Jeremy Criscoe of Blue Cypress Kennels, an Orvis Endorsed Labrador breeder. Jeremy describes the kennel operation, the focus on British Labradors, and the conditioning necessary to produce top field dogs that are in peak hunting performance each fall.

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On today's podcast Reid interviews Karl Gunzer, Sr. Manager - Sporting Dog Group at Nestle/Purina. After a successful career as a retriever trialer and trainer, Gunzer took a job with Purina promoting relations within the sporting dog space. He and Reid discuss his personal story, canine nutrition, and the role Purina plays with owners, trainers, handlers, and sporting dogs.

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