The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast
The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.

In this episode, Bruce and Brett discuss the different techniques for long shots vs short shots.

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In this episode, Brett and Bruce give tips on hot to buy a used shotgun.

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In the fourth part of Brett's four part series with Mike Stewart from Wildrose Kennels learn how to convert the training to work in the field. Learn common mistakes and  how to continue your dog's success in the field.

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In the third part of the four part series with Mike Stewart from Wildrose Kennel we cover more advanced training and techniques and guidelines to continue to shape your gun dog to the ultimate field companion.
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In the second part of our four part series with Mike Stewart from Wildrose Kennels, learn the foundation and first steps for training a gun dog. Lessons and guidelines for the first six months with your pup.

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In the first part of a four part series with Mike Stewart from Wildrose Kennel, learn the steps on how to find the puppy that will be right for you and your needs in the field. Mike has some great tips here on what to look for in researching your new gun dog.

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Bruce returns to the studio and joins Brett for a discussion on prper shooting stance from the feet up. Lot of information in this one!

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Double Barrel returns with Brett interviewing Orvis Product Developer and family man, Tim Daughton, on hoe he got his kids involved and exited about hunting.

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In the most recent episode of Orvis Double Barrel, Brett interviews our good friend, Brandon Boedecker, owner of PRO Outfitters of Helena, MT. They talk about a typical bird hunt in Montana as opposed to other states, what to expect from a wild bird hunt, and the gear to bring on your trip... here's a PRO tip: don't forget to bring a pair of well-broken-in boots!

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In this episode Brett interviews hunting expert and journalist Mark Stone at the IWA Show in Nuremburg Germany about Eurpean driven shoots, what to expect for shots, the different terminology and walks us through what a day might be like on a European driven shoot.

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In this podcast, Bruce and Brett compare and contrast different shotgun types and discuss their benefits in the field. Brett also coins a term for Double Barrel fans and asks for your feedback on it.

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This episode of Doubole Barrel features discussions on shotgun chokes and what they really mean, shot size- what size is best for different end uses, from the skeet field to goose hunting and patterning your gun.

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Co-host Bruce Bowlen returns to the studio joined by Orvis Gunsmith Jordan Smith and are interviewed by Brett on the importance and techniques of gun fitting.

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In this podcast, Brett interviews Paul Butski, arguably one of the best turkey hunters in the US. Paul and Brett discuss tricks, tips and tactics  for turkey hunting, review different calls for  beginnerrs and experts,  review keys to being successful on the hunt even when you don't bag your quarry as well as a demonstration of what turkey calls should sound like.

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This important episode of Double Barrel may well save your hearing. In it, Orvis CEO Perk Perkins sits down with Brett to talk about how we can protect our hearing from damage as shooters. Perk has lost much of the hearing in one ear due to a lifetime of hunting. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to minimize hearing damage from the sport you love. You may even save your hearing! Have a suggestion for a future podcast? Write to us at or visit us on Facebook at
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In this episode, Brett is joined in the studio by Jordan Smith. Jordan has been the Orvis Gunsmith for 30 years and talks about shotgun maintenance and shares some stories from the legendary Orvis gun room.

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How to maximize your time with clays and skeet shooting as practice for being in the field.

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