The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast
The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.

Reid spends a few minutes reflecting on 2017, and offering some thoughts for 2018. With this, he shares 5 New Years Resolutions that are applicable to every wingshooter from gun maintenance to best practices in working with your dog. With that, he wishes all listeners a safe and happy New Year!

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All of us at the Orvis Hunting and Shooting podcast wish a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! In this episode, Reid speaks with Alex Russo of South Dakota’s Flatland Flyways. The two discuss prairie dry ground waterfowling, the habits of ducks, and the sometimes bizarre rules and regs for non resident waterfowl hunters in the dakotas.

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Reid answers some recent listener questions addressing gun fit, picking a preserve, hunting without a dog, and assessing cover.

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Reid spends an afternoon with his friend Keith Nord, an avid bird hunter and former captain of the NFL's Minnesota Vikings. Keith shares insights on life, hunting, dogs, and football in an inspirational podcast that is sure to be of interest to all.

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Reid speaks with Al Stewart, Wildlife Biologist and Upland Gamebird Specialist and Program Leader for Michigan DNR. Al describes the life cycle and habits of the American Woodcock, based on a lifetime of study and conservation work.

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Reid spends some time with Ed Arnett, Senior Scientist for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. Ed and Reid discuss the role sage grouse play in the current discussion of conservation in the west. Ed reflects upon the history and natural history of the sage grouse, and the place they have occupied as a figurehead for the conservation of the sagebrush ecosystem.

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In response to several listener emails, Reid spends an hour discussing how to get started in bird hunting. Using his own experience as a point of reference, he offers several tips on how one can enter into what can seem a challenging sport with significant barriers to entry.

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Reid spends some time with Agustin Bustos, guide and dog handler at both Los Ombues Lodge in Argentina, and Patagonia River Guides in Patagonia. Agustin is somethign of a legend among international wingshooters, and he describes the ins and outs of dove, duck, and perdiz hunting for the traveling sportsman.

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In light of the publication of his new book 'The Orvis Guide to Upland Hunting', Reid discusses ten must-read books for upland hunters. Among them are a few lesser-known pieces that might be of interest.

Have a question or suggestion for the show? Email Reid at

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Reid spends some time with Orvis Hunting Product Developer Charley Perkins. Charley discusses his passion for waterfowl hunting, his innovations in hunt product, and the unique sporting culture in which he was raised. He references the new 2018 hunting assortment which can be viewed at

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Reid chats with Greg Carpiniello, Orvis Gun Room Manager based in Manchester Vermont. Reid and Greg discuss guns, Greg's role at Orvis, and what it might be like to have the chance to buy that dream shotgun.

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A number of things done well in the off-season can provide for more success in the field. Reid gives his top ten suggestions from proper gun storage to working with your dog to make sure you're ready to go when opening day comes around.

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Reid speaks with Sam Lungren of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, a conservation group working on land-use policy and access to public lands. Sam describes a bit of the history of public land in the US and the intentions behind its designation. He further goes into the threats being posed to our public use of land, and the work BHA is doing to maintain access for all people.

in honor of Mother's Day last week, Reid caught up with Els and Piippa Perkins for a quick podcast on the joys and challenges of hunting with small children.

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Reid spends a wonderful podcast with Lars Magnussen, owner of Idaho's Blixt&Co and international expert on Driven Shooting. Lars illuminates the nuances of driven shoots, from orchestration to dress to shooting technique, and all matters in between. If you have ever wanted to learn more about this time-honored sport, here is the ultimate resource.

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Reid and his friend ‘Jerry’ Ray Cacchio discuss puppies, highlighting tips on socialization, foundation training, establishing boundaries, and the introduction of birds and gun.

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In this special double feature, Reid talks to an old friend about the guiding life in Alaska. He also talks to  Orvis' own Tom Rosenbauer about a life lived in the outdoor industry and where the cultures of wingshooting and fly-fishing converge.

Reid speaks with fellow bird hunter, dog lover, and podcast host Ron Boehme. From his home in Michigan, Ron describes his entree into the world of hunting and his affinity for the versatile pointing breeds. The two further discuss the unique opportunity of using digital media to share their sport, in Ron's case via the Hunting Dog Podcast.

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Reid talks desert quail with researcher and hunting guide Ryan O'Shaughnessy, Ph.D. Ryan's research on West Texas scaled quail allow him insights into the habitat, population cycles, and most effective hunting tactics for these unique birds.

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In this episode Reid talks bird hunting with one of his musical heroes, namely Evan Felker of the Turnpike Troubadours. Evan discusses his Oklahoma roots and a culture steeped in quail hunting, dogs, and workhorse shotguns. He also describes the references he makes to hunting in his lyrics and songwriting. Note that Evan refers to a few destinations, specifically G. Lake Guide Service in Arkansas, Jenkins Farms, and east bay rod and gun in tx. See more about Evan at

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