The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast
The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.

Reid speaks with Christian Fichtel, manager of the Orvis store in Greenville, SC. Christian is an avid southern grouse hunter, and has spent years chasing grouse throughout the challenging coverts of the southern Appalachians. He describes the region and the resource, and spends a bit of time exploring the joys and challenges of being a grouse hunter and grouse dog owner in a region of relatively slim populations.

Reid speaks with Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello about 'first good guns'. The two identify guns of lasting value, quality, and aesthetics that can be had for less than a contemporary autoloader but will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Basically, a couple of shotgun geeks talking about the guns they would buy if 1500 bucks fell into their laps. Enjoy!

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