The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast
The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.

This episode of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast is the first in an ongoing series of shows delivered in collaboration with Purina Pro Plan. Pro Plan is an institution in the sporting dog world, and Purina’s network of veterinarians, researchers, behaviorists, trainers, and handlers is without parallel in that space. In this series Reid will welcome a range of these professionals to discuss topics such as nutrition for sporting dogs, myths and misconceptions regarding dog food, emergency veterinary medicine for field application, sports injuries, and more. In this inaugural episode, Reid is joined by Keith Schopp, retired VP of Corporate Public Relations for Purina, and Karl Gunzer, former pro trainer and Purina’s Director of the Sporting Dog Group. The trio pulls back the curtain a bit, discussing the Purina origin story, how Pro Plan evolved to focus on sporting dogs specifically, and the standards to which the brand holds itself accountable. The first in the series, this conversation should provide a backdrop for what is to come. Learn more at

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Reid explores a question posed by listener Steve Harris about non-toxic alternatives for vintage guns. Reid is joined by Phil Bourjailly, who sheds some light on the evolution of non-toxic ammunition options for upland and waterfowl, and why certain shot types are ill-advised for use in older guns. Phil is a font of knowledge, and he draws from personal experience with a broad spectrum of ammunition and shot types to arrive at some clear solutions for shooters like Steve who wish to safely shoot their classic guns.

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Reid sits down with Karen Syron and Nance Ceccarelli to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges encountered by women in the hunting space. Karen serves as Marketing Manager and Nance serves as a wingshooting guide at Idaho’s Flying B Ranch. Both Nance and Karen describe their pathway into hunting and the role it plays in their lives. They also discuss the way in which great mentorship can help bring more women into the shooting sports, and the wonderful community that can be cultivated by women in the field. Enjoy!

In this episode of the Podcast, Reid is joined by his friend Mike Neiduski, Director of Regional Development – Southeast for the Ruffed Grouse Society / American Woodcock Society. Mike and Reid share much in common: New England childhoods, previous work in education, and a love of grouse and woodcock. They discuss the aims of RGS under recent leadership changes, the necessity of a dynamic forest ecosystem, and the way in which diversity, both from a human and an ecologic standpoint, is vital to our collective future in the uplands. Enjoy!


In this episode of the podcast, Reid is joined by Ryan O’Shaughnessy of West Texas Quail Outfitters. A regular on the podcast, Ryan brings a strong science background to his guiding and hunting. Ryan and Reid explore some sensitive questions, most notably how hunting pressure can impact limited populations of Mearns quail during challenging weather events, the pros and cons of hunting pressure on public lands, and how social media can impact the decisions we make in the field. It’s a conversation that is sure to elicit some opinions. Enjoy!

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With an eye on Turkey season, Reid joins Phil Bourjailly, Shooting Editor for Field & Stream Magazine and Ducks Unlimited. Phil, an Iowa native, shares his thoughts on hunting spring gobblers. He discusses preferred guns and chokes, sight options, decoys, and calls. He even delves into the ammunition options currently on the market, and the advances in shot composition that have drastically enhanced the efficacy of modern turkey loads. Enjoy!

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In this final installment of the Hunt, Hike, Hook series, Reid is joined again by Michael Vargas and Chuck Coolidge. With the Arizona quail season officially wrapped, the trio discusses Mike and Chuck’s last few forays down to southern Arizona to chase the trifecta of Mearns, Scaled, and Gambel’s quail. Discussion wanders from the differing characteristics between the species, their descriptive habits and habitats, and the reason that Mearns have become the “it” upland bird species of the day. Enjoy!

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In this episode, Reid delves into his personal history buying and selling guns, and the reasons why some guns stick with us, and others don't. He shares an old article on the subject that describes the process of acquisition, and then the process of letting go. He further discusses how tastes in guns can change over time as our shooting ability, and identity, evolves. Enjoy!

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Reid is joined by friend and fellow bird hunter Pat Berry to discuss late season grouse habitat. Pat is the former Commissioner of Fish & Wildlife for the state of Vermont. He is an avid grouse and woodcock hunter, and an active trainer and handler of flushing spaniels. Pat is also incredibly well-versed in the seasonal changes that face New England grouse, and therefore face New England Grouse Hunters. He and Reid discuss the best tactics for finding grouse throughout the season as the available food and cover types change.

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Reid and podcast regular, Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello, sit down to address a couple of questions posed by listeners. Specifically, the duo address, or perhaps defend, the cost of a decent double gun. With the hope of shedding some light on why and how to get what you pay for, Greg and Reid explore new vs. used, country of origin, and why at times a lower purchase price can result in a headache rather than a bargain. Enjoy!

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Reid sits down with Del Whitman of DC Whitman Custom Gunsmithing. Among the finest gunsmiths at the bench today, Del has a particular interest in fine double guns, and the craft and artistry that defines them. Del and Reid discuss guns, mentorship, craft, and the responsibility of understanding what makes a gun exceptional.

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In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid spans two continents to talk guns with Tobi Nisse of Germany and Dr. George Inge of Mobile, AL. Tobi and George are the principals behind T&G Imports and Save the Fine Guns which represents an effort to import guns from Germany that would otherwise be destroyed. Tobi and George, both of whom are passionate about the artistry and engineering represented by older continental guns (largely drillings), noticed some time ago that changing tastes in hunting guns as well as stringent legislation around gun ownership in Europe was bringing an excess of fine old guns to the market. These guns, were they not licensed to an individual or dealer, were destined for the scrap pile. The duo discusses the unique business model that has enabled them to save these guns and transfer them into the hands of hunters and shooters in North America. Enjoy!


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Reid once again sits down for a conversation with Chuck Coolidge and Michael Vargas of Hunt, Hike, Hook. The fellows have been getting after it: Michael has been chasing pheasants and bobwhites in his native Kansas, and Chuck has been in south Georgia for bobs and Louisiana for ducks. Beyond simply sharing their tales of adventure, the group talks about the diverse habitats in which bobwhite quail thrive, and the differences between bobs and the desert-dwelling cousins. Enjoy!

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