The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast
The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.

Reid talks to Fritz Heller, AKA The Grouse Commander, about the nuances of hunting ruffed grouse with flushing dogs. Fritz offers a unique perspective, resulting from a half lifetime in the grouse woods of upper Michigan.

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Reid speaks with Wes Lang, President of Caesar Guerini shotguns. Over the course of a fascinating conversation, Wes describes his ascendancy through the firearms industry, and the bold decision in the late 90’s to launch a new shotgun brand. Reid and Wes touch on the products and strategies that have enabled Guerini to become one of the most appreciated and recognized makers in contemporary sporting arms.

In the heart of Grouse and Woodcock season, Reid takes time out to speak with Rick Watson of Catskill Casts and Coverts, discussing the relative merits of beepers vs. bells. A time-honored source of debate among hunters and dog handlers, Reid and Rick explore personal and practical choices, and pose the question of how to locate your gun dog in thick cover.

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Reid Bryant talks guns with acclaimed shotgun writer Vic Venters. The two discuss Vic's entree into the world of fine doubles, his take on contemporary double guns, and where the great bargains lie in the fine gun market.

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Reid chats with Thierry Bombeke, Associate Publisher and Director of Wingshooting at Shooting Sportsman Magazine. Over the past 35 years Thierry has traveled extensively to shoot and explore, and in the process has become an authority in the wingshooting travel space. In this podcast he discusses what he’s learned, what aspiring travelers can do to ensure great wingshooting experiences, and what the current and future ‘hotspots’ may be for destination shooters.

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Reid speaks with Ronnie Smith and Susanna Love of Ronnie Smith Kennels in Big Cabin, OK. A legend in pointing dog circles, Ronnie perpetuates a family tradition of dog training initiated by his father, the late Ronnie Smith Sr., and his renowned uncle Delmar Smith. With partner Susanna Love, Ronnie continues to train gundogs, and gundog trainers, to this day. He and Susanna discuss their life and their philosophies in this rare visit with gundog royalty.

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Reid spends a bit of time with Jason Dowd, the Instagram sensation better known as Upland Lowlife. From his home near Flint Michigan, Jay describes a childhood wherein he aspired to be a grouse hunter, and how that identity has impacted his work and life in the arts. With a reverence for the tradition of the northwoods grouse hunter of yesteryear, Jason has used social media to make contemporary grouse hunting both accessible and aspirational.

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Reid speaks with Tripp Way, Northeast Regional Director for the Ruffed Grouse Society. In this podcast Reid and Tripp speak about the work that RGS does around habitat improvement, education, and getting new hunters into the sport. Tripp also spends some time considering the future of ruffed grouse hunting, and what inspires his passion for the sport.

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Reid speaks with noted photographer, upland hunter, and pointing dog trailer Chris Mathan about the state of women in bird hunting culture.  Chris weighs in on her thoughts and opinions, garnered from many years in the uplands of North America.

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