The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast
The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.

Reid takes the opportunity to share another story, this one originally published in Gray's Sporting Journal. The story is a bit of a tribute and a bit of a reflection on people and place, and a now-gone relative with a devilish way about her. Hopefully it will provide you all with a nice escape during these uncertain and strange times. Enjoy!

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Back in the saddle, Reid and Orvis Gunroom Manager Greg Carpiniello again talk iconic guns, this time the Browning Auto 5. Perhaps the most beloved semi-automatic shotgun of all time, the old Browning Humpback is a miracle of engineering, and romantic as heck. Few who have spent any time in the uplands, wetlands, or even in the deer woods are unfamiliar with the utility and incredible durability of the A5. For those with a soft spot for classic American shotguns this is a must-listen.

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In keeping with the conversations about iconic guns, Reid and Orvis Gunroom Manager, Greg Carpiniello dive into 'the perfect repeater', the Winchester Model 12.  This classic slide-action shotgun is perhaps the most coveted of its ilk, an one that commands a high price. It is also a lively and serviceable sporting gun with sleek lines and design features that were cutting edge for their time. Reid and Greg discuss the Model 12, several other noteworthy pump guns, and the misconception that here at Orvis we turn up our noses at repeaters. Enjoy! 

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While relegated to his home office, Reid touches base with celebrity bird hunter, author, and television host Scott Linden. Linden, who is based in Bend, Oregon, is known to many for his long run on Wingshooting USA. He is also the personality behind Scott Linden Outdoors and Upland Nation, and on those platforms he houses a volume of information about birds, dogs, guns, and hunting travel. Reid and Scott discuss Wingshooting television, Scott’s travels, and the arc of a career in the outdoors.